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Don't miss out on the exciting experience of social media by joining the conversation and following our live #AUA19 coverage – stay connected!


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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Tweeting With #AUA19

It won't be long before Chicago is busy with urologists attending the most anticipated international urology meeting in the world – #AUA19!

Don't miss out on the exciting experience of Twitter by joining the conversation and following our live AUA2019 coverage – stay connected by following @AmerUrological and #AUA19

If you're still on the edge about signing up for Twitter, if you don't already have an account, read the top 10 reasons why we think you should consider tweeting during #AUA19:

  1. Keep up with the meeting! Join the conversation and tweet live along with the other attendees.
  2. Have a voice! Share your opinions – contribute and add value.
  3. Network! Twitter is a great place to foster networking opportunities and instantly connect with your colleagues.
  4. Receive the timeliest information about what's happening at #AUA19.
  5. Share photos with your followers! Especially if they're not attending, be their ears and eyes to help them be a part of the meeting.
  6. If you're presenting at #AUA19, promote your presentation and abstract highlights on Twitter!
  7. Track what's trending at #AUA19.
  8. It's free information! Stay abreast of the latest announcements.
  9. Learn about what others are doing outside the venue: restaurant recommendations, Chicago hotspots, sporting events and cultural sites.
  10. It's fun! Not everything has to be so formal on social media so join the conversation, relax and just have fun!

Still having doubts or need questions answered? Have no fear, the communications team is here! Ask us @! See you in Chicago!

Twitter Training

Join the AUA Social Media Team for Twitter Training whether you’re brand new to Twitter or just want a refresher!

Dates, time and location to be determined.